Oct 23, 2010


gosh, it's time to finish my Dragon Age Origins save game. good game, good game

Pounce macro 4.0.1

Mangle part was changed, here it is. If you do not have pyro rocket on gloves, delete rows 2-4.

#showtooltip 10
/use [modifier:ctrl, nostealth, target=focus,harm] 10
/use [modifier:shift, target=mouseover,harm] 10
/use [modifier:shift] 10
/cast [nomodifier,stealth] Pounce; [nomodifier,nostealth] [Cat Form] Mangle(Cat Form)
/startattack [nostealth]

Oct 22, 2010


Hey! My name is Free. I'll try to post many interesting a funny thing (not all warcraft will be) on the blog and about the stealth cleave and rogues and ferals ofc. I hope you guys gonna enjoy my posts and I want to thanks this invitation to Starmist/Pajay! Thanks a lot man!

P.S. my english isn't perfect, sorry about this. I'll try to be understandable!

Oct 20, 2010

HTF3 update

I am in a really bad spot atm with the movie. There are 6 minutes of completed footage done, all featuring patch 3.3 arena scenes.
I was hoping for enabled skirmishes in 4.0.1 to fill out the missing minutes, but all I can include now are bg footages (30min queues are NOT fun BTW) and I am not really sure people want that.
Either that or duels or world pvp. Aaaand .. as feral is way to OP (i can't believe i said that no no dont nerf us!!!:) ) new records has to be somewhat legendary 1vx situations to prevent viewers frown in disappointment (but then again, killing enemy players in seconds and finishing the duel at 100% bah)

So what do you think?
Should I go for duels , world pvp or bg?

Oct 17, 2010


to Shag, for helping me out. After a bg I got a jinx lock physical debuff stuck on the character (-10% energy regen) and he was kind enough to apply another curse of exhaustion on me (as lvl 20!) and make me able to remove it correctly.
also a trinketmenu update blog here: (i love that addon, it makes trinketswapping so easy)

Demolock vs. feral