Oct 30, 2010

Minecraft Fanmade Trailer

brace yourselves cuz this is something very offtopic :)) my friend is playing this strange game atm, what really got me how many possibilities there can be in one, so simple game.

Oct 29, 2010


:( Let me take a peek into my magic orb, and say this is the first of the upcoming many.
  • Savage Defense is massively overpowered on beta and has been dealt with accordingly. Many of the reports of beta raid bosses two-shotting tanks were because that was how much damage the bosses needed to do in order to challenge Feral tanks. With less damage absorbed, the boss damage can be adjusted downwards. We've reduced the multiplier for attack power on the absorption effect (from 65% to 35%, still modified by mastery) and it no longer procs from periodic critical hits. (removing periodic proc chance is BAD BAD BAD )

  • Bear Form -- Stamina bonus lowered from 20% to 10% and Heart of the Wild health bonus from 10% to 6%. Bear health should be close to plate tank health with this change.(bah not this again)

  • Survival Instincts -- Damage reduction changed from 60% to 50%. Cooldown reduced from 5 minutes to 2 minutes. Duration still 12 seconds.(sounds like a good tradeoff, but i will miss that extra 10%)

Oct 28, 2010

1.5 Soothe

is now a 1.5 sec cast to dispel all enrage effects. As feral this became even more useless than before. A caster form swap and downtime is already penalty to feral gameplay, people won't be casting 1-5 sec soothes just to dispel random or 1-2 enrage effects. N o w a y.

Feral at 85?

I worry.
Damage will be more or less equalized for all classes, and i am afraid ferals won't be bringing much other than mediocre damage and mediocre(if not bad) cc to 85 pvp.
Other classes will get and use new abilities, new cc's, new strategies while we will be reliant on old, oudated skills.

As I see, mortal effects are down to 10%, things will simply not die. Watched a couple 85 rogue vids, everybody just duels until infinity(premed recuperate, and energy regen for an upcoming shadow dance yay). Not sure how will it play out, how the game will evolve or degenerate.

Time will tell.
Feral for life.

Oct 27, 2010


I am offline for a few days, until account payments are sorted. After that editing continues.
Also I already have a little side project in the corner of my mind. Something interesting. I'm not sure if anybody say Antikrythera Mechanism from Azgaz, it was a sick yet beautiful wow movie. Now that is something I am planning for a few years now. We'll see(it could HTF or HTF3.3). A lot depends on the current movie reception, and how much spare time IRL will give me(which is already not much lol).