Nov 18, 2010


pounce blink catstep presurviintinct deep freeze ice lance spam
powershift mangle rake rip IB heal CS mangle root blink DF#2 more ice lance spam trinket catstep ravage rake rip
somebody dies

welcome to the OVERLY DIFFICULT pvp world of 4.0.3

seriously i am so disappointed in the road blizz has taken. they dumbed this while game down. terrible.. terrible...

Red Band Trailer: Faster

Finally, the Rock is back in an action movie he deserves. Walking Tall was also a favorite of mine, can't wait for this either.

Nov 16, 2010

Worgen or not worgen

awww Free why do you have to bring this up!
dont know.

awesome community, gifted pvp players, and long bg queue times on horde side
awesome worgen form on the other hand.

PSPdisp v0.5

I still love my little PSP, even though I rarely use it. Functionalities like this, really show what possibilities are out there even with the tiniest of consoles.

Know your enemy

Over at, there is a new BM talent compilation post, contains excellent tips on bm hunter dmg rotations and metholodogy.