Dec 10, 2010

Spacesaver macros

Thrash and Swipe in 1 macro
/castsequence reset=6 Trash(Bear Form), Swipe(Bear Form), Thrash(Bear Form), Swipe(Bear Form)

Powershift reminder
/cast [stance:0]!Travel Form;[stance:0/4/6,flyable,nocombat]!Flight Form;[stance:1]!Dire Bear Form;[stance:2]!Aquatic Form;[stance:3]!Cat Form;[stance:4]!Travel Form;[stance:5]!Tree of Life;!Moonkin


I chose Vash'yr, and I really like it. Still 82 though.
Quests are funny and enjoyable.

As for 85 and pvp, I saw some class duels in front of Orgri, pretty sure there will be hotfixes.
New spells and skills just like Ring of Frost is godly, fun and give new mechanics-control types to other classes, while all new druid abilities are bad.

I mean: bad, weak, boring, disappointing: (

Dec 6, 2010

Engineering upgrades

Feral Combat - loots

no heroic, no str based gear, not full list.
Blackrock Caverns
Grim Batol
Halls of Origination
The Stonecore
Throne of Tides
Vortex Pinnacle
Lost City of Tol’Vir
The Deadmines
Shadowfang Keep

My ideal 85 feral

Won't be asking for crazy op things, just a few fixes here and there and I would really enjoy druid. I was always more into control and new spell-ability combos, but that not really is what we are getting.

-Swipe bear offcd, rage req is enough.
-Swipe bear doesn't need targets to be castable.
-Thrash doesn't need targets to be castable.
-Catstep is fully a leap mechanic(can jump over Ring of Frost, cuz atm you cannot).
-Savage Defense again to proc from dots.
-Frenzied Regen extra hp stay when leaving bear form.
-Instant root down't consume Predatory Swiftness.
-Mushroom detonate affects more then 3 yards, and instant maybe with a cd.

Feral - Mage

This setup looks good. Mages are getting so much control in Cata, you could really exploit it.
Anybody thought about cyclone -> ring of frost combo (activate 2 secs before cyclone fades to ensure a nice 10 sec stun)->poly->root?
I still will probably playing feral rog and feral priest(shaman) again, but the possibilities are endless. Thunderstorm into Ring of Frost, bleed up -> dragons breath -> big nuke -> maim -> counterspell.

Can't wait for expansion: )