Dec 17, 2010

4.0.3 mage skills


85 pvp thoughts

-feral dmg is still good , even with nerf
-double dd setups not really viable anymore(exceptions i met so far, sp+frostdk,sp+fmage)
-restoshaman-feral is very very good(so far)(we even played against this setup as feral-rog, and we only won 1 out of 3, and i confident we played our best in wow history to achieve that(incombat saps,cyclonecyclonebash,avoid fake heal focus kick real heal, restealth as ff wears off twice etc))

-warrior damage is way too high (globaling 30ks), colossus smash needs a nerf
-mage damage is way too high (spamming 20k lances)
-destro damage is way too high (30k conflags)

-new bgs are nice, simple, fun

-druids need 80-85 ability fixes badly
-hybrids are dead, heals are inferior (my aura heals me for 5k~, while my regrowth heals me for 6k with a 6k mana cost, regrowth hot ticking for 400~, nourish heals for 3-4k, regrowth hot heals for 1.5k, healing touch heals for 10k)
-mana management is the most important thing for healers now

Dec 14, 2010


Finally I achieved the 85! Now I start to practicing how to use the smokebomb.

Skull Bash changes

  • Both Bear and Cat Form versions of Skull Bash are no longer able to be used to get to a target when there is no valid path available.
I hope this only fixes the charge bug, and won't remove the mini charge possibility.

Roar before stealth

You can stealth before you get into combar from S.Roaring other players.
If they are in combat, and you buff them, of course you get into combat too.

But there is a delay, so in cat form, you can get into stealth sooner before combat affects you and it would prevent you from stealthing.

Dec 13, 2010

Level 85 Feral

So we raced against each otherwith Lorinel who is gonna be 85 sooner, and even I did it was a mixed experience.

First, the new content is very good. Loved the mission, loved the zones, I really enjoyed it. Money spent on this is well spent.

Level 85, as for me, as a feral is a total disappointment. I still don't really wrapped my head around the shear amount of letdowm I felt, when i dinged and trained my last ability, Wild Mushroom.
Of course it was just a last in a series of bad and useless mechanic, since I've started leveling.

Lvl 81 Thrash is a weak 6 sec dot you can cast in bear, it still needs a target (else it could be semi-useful against stealthers). As for tanking it is okay, but just like the upcoming, the rest of new druid abilities, lacks any kind of innovation and fresh ideas.

That is what Lvl 83 ability confirms even more. A 8 yard sprint buff for 6 (!) seconds. Most of the time people are not even realizing there was any kind of speed buff on them, it is that weak. And when i told Lori the buff time, he simply laughed out loud on ventrilo.

And here we are. Lvl 85. Wild Mushrooms. 0.5 sec cast time. Only usable in caster form. Has a 6 seconds trigger effect before goes invisible.
3 yard detonate range.
Yes you read that right. 3 yard.

Also, no longer triggers when somebody steps on it.

Terrible, terrible. When I think about other class abilities, which make the game experience richer and so much more fun, I only can feel downright jealous. Ring of Frost, D.Simalucrum, Spiritwalker's Grace...

Our damage is still good. Bleeds hit hard, new kick and stampede ravage is godly. Played a little feral/rogue action, even I have to be very careful (more of this in a few rows), it is fun and cc city. 1v1'd with a DK in Tol Barad, 25k obliterates hurt. I won but it was very very close.

Most of the 'constantly dying' problem comes from a simple mechanic. Healing.
Heaing simply doesn't exists for hybrids anymore. It is a pure healing class mechanic (and a very problematic even for them too). I heal for 6k's with a 6k mana cost (out of 24 k mana pool) 13ks with healing touches (when all the stars align) when mere dots eat that healamount away while out in caster form. What bothers me, that DK, Lock and even Warrior healing seems to be strong, maybe even stronger than my mana based heals. So you have a 100k hp pool, you go and try to kill something before they put you down.
It is a dumbed down game, a dumbed down talent tree, with dumb boring new abilities.

Quote of the Day

"Atleast Mages have to set up their damage."