Dec 24, 2010

Reckful 2

New Reckful movie released. I wish mery christmas and happy new year for everyone. BS ballers team2 is rollin' in 2's , rogue(Free)+mage(Thoky) is awesome!

Staff vs. Polearm

"For pvp weapons, get the polearm. We have ONE ability that scales based off our weapons damage, and that is fury swipes, which is a 15% chance per auto to deal 310% weapon damage. That means you want a weapon with the highest damage, not dps. The polearm does ~3.5k top end damage, staff ~1.8k. They do the same dps, but the polearm will cause your fury swipes to hit much harder. They also both have the same stats, so yeah. Get the polearm."
from AJ

Dec 20, 2010

DK Shadow Infusion

you can stack it in prepa room.
start with dark transformed ghoul.