Dec 29, 2010


Well this is it. Time to move on.

I could sum up many things, but the real reason of me leaving is I just not interested in the game anymore.

I just want to thank you all for everything, i just hope you liked this little blog throughout the years. It was fun, now it is not for me, so i'll just take a little me time now, take a little break. There are many awesome and interesting things are in my life, I am gonna to focus on them.
It was a superb ride though, was it not?

Take care guys.

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My thoughts on the ongoing feral nerfs

"I guess we all agree , our own class, just like our character is very dear to us. We all would like to see it viable in pve or in pvp, we all play to have fun.

Wow is a very complex games, features so many mechanics that makes it almost impossible to balance out things, just like we experienced in the past few years.

Maybe we can't give valid opinions, we are all biased when it comes to our class, maybe I'm wrong when i feel we received more nerf than others, we were always weaker, even as a jack-of-all-trades, as a hybrid.

It also does disappoint me, when they tweak around mechanics, that worked for years, defined a class, and somehow people did not have problems with it until now. It seems, berserk accidentally fell under the nerfbat along with the bleeds.

Developers do not (only and at first) look out numbers, they listen to qq posts, they look out for long post threads, just like GM's told me this many many times. This game produces money, and money comes from pleased customers. If changes address customer problems they will happen.

Sometimes I just wish, do not buff us, do not fix those buggy mechanics, do not change the new, and ultraboring and bad 81-85 abilities,

just leave us alone."

also i love you all. thanks for your kind words, and for standing up to me, and for yourself on the forums. you are all amazing. remember that.

Dec 28, 2010

Upcoming feral changes

"Even after we fixed their mastery, Feral druid bleeds still do a lot of damage and are undispellable. We plan to shift some of that damage back to main attacks. They are also a little too hard to control. Given that they are already hard to root, snare, or polymorph, we think the fear immunity from Berserk is too much."

Thank you Blizz. Not like you are destroying my class. Zerk nerf? Okay I've had enough. Fuck this game fuck it. 5 years was enough, I'm outta here.

ps. I am seriously disappointed. As for the moment, I really feel it is time to move on. I'll be giving myself a few days, to think things through with a cool head.

Dec 27, 2010

Xmas PvP, feral thoughts

-team, mmr reset was a really good step, some people was getting rating with terrible negative stats

-looks like catstep was hotfixed? not really sure, but from what i remember i COULD leap over ring of frost in the last few days

-tbh i've had enough of people complaining about ferals. up until now it was a miracle when you saw one in pvp, and now when it is a valid choice for arena, people immediately start to call out for nerfs. which we did receive. too many. survival instincts nerf, -40% bleed nerf, stun nerf, thorns nerf, devs still had not looked at the wild mushrooms and stampeding roar of useless, frenzied regen still bugged

-mages and warriors should be looked upon. colossus smash is funny, when blizz talked about removing armor penetration from the game, and yet, still it exists in its purest form, with a 20 sec cooldown ability, with a 100% armor penetration mechanic. mages have way too many controls. i could even accept the ridiculous ROF, but cold snap ROF is just too much. not like it is on a bad cooldown anyways(2 min).

-even it pains me i have to admit, frost dk dmg is too much(yes im playing with one). full runic power bar, then frost strike spam, obli spam is cleave and pain city. unholy is strong too, but until adequate resilience ratings, burst dmg is sex.

-demonology locks, yuck

-i still think paladins and resto shamans are the best healer choices atm. rdruid is awesome for tree of life duration, maybe will get better due time. priests are rare, still they received quite a few buffs, and not a very bad place now. people still have the impression they are terrible, but with a full resilience, a disc priest can do a very, if now a better job keeping his team alive in arena.

-the server is very competitive, i really like it, there are some personal battles in arena too. what makes me really sad though, is that i can't really devote myself to the game anymore. sometimes it feels like another job, get home, get ratings, get geared you know? well everything ends sooner or later, and i am sure i will be retreating to get my winter teddy sleep once.


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