Jan 12, 2011


It was fun to play once again yesterday, especially after our demolock-feral matches. Thoky still controls his lock perfectly, and won over 2 1v1's on his own too (yeah well 1650 res~ meant 3 icelance in DF and i was down lol).
Still I managed to 1v1 a full pvp mage after 3 minutes of shameless cc, kite and double elemental kill (20k ice lances hurt !) and was grinning throughout the whole match #)

Mystrilla again attacked me while mining, amz'd the cyclone, i bashed, travel form -> flight form with 3 dots ups, fly back swap into catform midair, restealth with dots in midair, pounce, kill ;)

We also 2v4'd a whole AB with Thoky, it was insane fun.

What I am really sorry about, that after so many seasons, I cannot play 2's with Free anymore. Feral-rog is officially one of the worst setups atm. sadface*


Terra said...

Glad to see your back and having some fun :)

Pajay (Starmist) said...

Glad you are still reading the blog: )

LR said...

It is great to see you posting and playing!

I'm currently playing feral-rog setup. There are many fights against range where we get frustrated. But when the stars align and we get the opener and CC chain it's very enjoyable. There's nothing like that feeling after dropping the first target, other is still in blind or Cyclone, then we both get resteath. (2nd player leaves) .

What are the other reasons you think this comp is bad? Shared DR stuns?

Adam said...

Try Feral - Hunter atm -.- Only thing that saves us is ferals OP bleeds and my partners AMAZING skills. If he were a "huntard" we'd lose every match.

Pajay (Starmist) said...

double melee just wont cut it, there so many defensive cd's and healing is so strong now, that a 10% mortal strike melee setp is not the solution.

feral caster is the answer or feral ranged as you said.

but the latest changes just make me want to reroll.