Jan 26, 2011

Bloodthirsty gear calculations

32% crit, 8k spellpower, 6.8% haste, 213 spell pen, 4% spell hit.
Reforge mastery -> crit, Darkmoon card volcano trinket, 45 sec inner cd 12sec uptime 1600 spell power extra, with extra 1.2~k fire damage, intellect synapse on gloves on 1 min cd, power torrent on weapon on 45 ICD.
engi shield on belt, minor run speed on boots, 2600 resilience, frostfire orb for extra procs.

2/8/31 hybrid, less used impact spec (with optional impact cancelaura keybind, not to fuck up stun DR's)

this is the close gearplan. upgrading to vicious after some facerolling.

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Free said...

mage sux BUFF 'em