Jan 3, 2011

Mewn about upcoming changes

I so do agree

"i like how in wrath feral was considered shit the last few seasons, then once cata hit we gain an interrupt and more damage, then all of the sudden every aspect of the class needs changing. its pretty obvious to anyone who actually plays the class (i would hope) that the only thing wrong is the damage. i cant stand reading 9 pages of posts where i can agree with about 1% of the opinions posted.

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Being immune to polymorph apparently isn't enough, they need to be immune to fear as well. Then they play with a shaman and a feral is 100% immune to all crowd control! Love it

Just remove the instant cyclone talent and tone bleeds down a notch and ferals are fine.
you're dumb, thats like saying if you play with a priest you are immune to all magic cc. also, to people saying feral is immune to snares, play a feral druid while mirror images are hitting you and say the same thing. even if you sit there shifting snares all day you are on global and will never do damage anyway, so whats the point of being mobile?"

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