Jan 5, 2011


I still check into forums, read about druid changes, feedbacks, but do not miss the game. Seems blogging is still in my veins, that is how there are so many posts after leaving. I'll continue to post whenever feel like it, so random visitors may not feel totally abandoned.

Considerable time has freed up for me, and I am enjoying it fully. When I play, I am into Assassin's Creed 2 on my xbox or playing multiplayer Borderlands with friends. If anything I party, workout, study and care about my carrier, family, relationships even more.

My only regret may be How to Feral 4. I already had the intro music and sketches, now they are in the archive folder. Really wanted to show some awesome, even more awesome than the previous installments. There are still many unused tricks and strats in feral gameplay, though it will never be a finesse class like a rogue. But I am happy the first 3 was a success, so many viewers, such nice ratings. Thank you for that again:)

What will happen to druids, I wonder. Any day patch changes can come in, pretty sure we won't be very happy about them.
Will I come back? Honestly I do not know. As for the moment, no.

Still I am around.


Kish said...

you still owe me some fights we didn't have in wotlk, don't forget that!

oh and the drinking at free's place. that too.

Blipz said...

In the last few weeks you were in a really bad mood so I agree break was a good choice. I hope we will see HTF4 in the future. Whether or not I enjoyed playing with you and I wish you nice times with whatever you are doing these days :)

Anonymous said...

check mmo for the changes, no need to come back feral is now worse then ever