Feb 2, 2011

First set of arena games as mage

Putting aside, that I still feel clunky when playing  mage we did a 5-2 yesterday for starters.

Our two losses was a feral-rshaman and a demolock-frostmage. I was worst mage eu in the demolock match, but we really did well against the feral-rshaman on blade's edge. I fucked up with mana management, and ended up running for my life for the last 3 minutes: ) Even this way i did 75% of the feral's damage, and Thoky many times did pulled me up onto the bridge as priest giving a little breather.

I feel more and more confident with focus impacts, DF's, Counters and Poly's, this really helped us against an early ret-rogue match. (yeah and Thoky is a beast with priest) (wings -> instant spellsteal <3)

Looking forward for more, I will probably play with Nikita (fire mage) and Free as well.
As for 3's, RMP is imminent.

1 comment:

Kish said...

wouldnt want to play against a free-pajay-thoky rmp :)