Feb 17, 2011

Season 9 so far

Even after some nerfs (frost spec-mastery, time warp-arenas) mages are still good. Control, damage coupled with partner's are ensuring, RMP stays a solid comp in season 9.
Feral druids got destroyed by changes, even I, who struggled years with the class lost all affinity to continue. Roots, fears, reduced uptime on targets causing the spec to die out slowly, uncommonly seen outside of 2's with a paladin healer. A terrible sight, i am mourning Starmist everyday.
Hunter and retribution and fury warr damage is very high ATM. Hunter's are getting an aimed shot nerf soon, while fury warr raging blow also getting a 20% nerf (which is totally justified imho).I rewatched a recent arena match in my atrox arena viewer, and i did got destroyed in 0.8 sec, on a brief contact witha  fury warr, from 100% to 0%.
About ret pallies, still no word on any changes. At least i like stealing wings:)

So comps are changing, a lot of speccing, rating changes in the process.


goldmember said...

2v2 4.0.6 Good old Feral Disc , i'm guessing you're enjoying a lot that mage huh? i hope starmist doesnt get to lonely

Pajay (Starmist) said...

yeah mage is fun, but i miss my furry toon too: (

im gonna post this vid on blog if it's allright!