Mar 1, 2011

Druid is not getting any better

duration reduced to 5 secs from 6 on PTR. (with the global triggered by shifting, this is pretty bad.for example instant cyclone shift out to caster 1.5s + shift back 1.5s =downtime 3 sec to cast a 5 sec cc, which leaves you with 2 additional seconds to do any more damage, which is 1 ability given you close enough to the target.)
stempeding roar lasts 8 secs now with a 60% speed increase.
lifebloom bloom effect reduced by 20%.



Anonymous said...

there is no reason for me now to play my feral over my rogue :/

Anonymous said...

i think the best thing to do is to stop playing feral and go rogue mate..why i say this is because my main WAS a feral and i loved it but eversince i got my rogue to 85 i just stopped playing druid :P ....yes i do have rare mounts and lots of stuffs my rogue dont have but still i think rogue is awsome :D U wont regret it Pajay..Play your rogue more

Bioface said...

Feral Swiftness now also causes Dash and Stampeding Roar to have a 50/100% chance to instantly remove all movement impairing effects from the affected targets when used.