Mar 9, 2011

Math - Gear - Feral

So, I've done some calculations, checked out some top feral players gear and stats ( - Sizer's armory is a good base to follow), and have come up with the following gear in RAWR. First i did a full crit build, which is nice, especially now when resilience does not reduces incoming crit chances, but it lacked strong bleeds and only incresed crit with a few percent.
So I tried to find a result which emphasizes on all stats. Here it is:

26-30% crit (sadly rawr calculates crit badly, so its around this amount)
1279 mastery rating (hail to the king, baby)

220 spell penetration (i used old spell pen gems in this example, rawr doesnt handle new spepen gems)
3100-3300~ resi
the build uses a broken mirror images trinket, which is a personal anticaster preference. you can swap to other dps trinket (unheeded warning 'elo)

for the real bold you can use, agile engineering helm with crit and mastery cogwheels which means
1306 mastery and 31.45% crit with a reduced 2700-3000 resilience.
It is more of a bg gear, imho but awesome.

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