Apr 20, 2011

Kittycleave against KFC

We had good success against KFC yesterday, so I thought i should share my experiences for fellow arena players.
Luckily I spent some time on AJ warrior forums, reading about the setup, after having troubles against this kind of team in the recent weeks.
The name of the setup means : Kung Fu Cleave which putting aside the funny name is damn deadly. Arms Warrior + Marks Hunter + healer.

Some forumers mentioned they kill targets in charge stuns, and they yes actually do.
It wasn't more then a few days ago when i got chimera shot critted in midair, during catstep for 40k. Imagine Colossus Smash, Cobra Shot and Chimera all going through armor, while enemy healer has all the time in the world, to cc and heal those minor wounds you might be able to cause while madly trying to survive.

The fact is simple. They cleave harder then you.

First game, we went for the hunter, while they were blowing up our warrior. I did 200k dmg, forced first deterrence. Than they killed the warrior. He only did 4k dmg.

So i suggested a strat i remembered from AJ forums, a strat which is 90% of the time is useless. Kittycleave strength lies in both of us on same target, but now we decided to divide up damage and targets. Warr on warr, me on hunter.

It went better then expected. Sagratt did sick damage on his target, that he could actually hit. Colo + Mortal all that stuff. I was patiently waiting for camouflage to drop then unleashed a world of pain on the hunter. Their shaman struggled to keep up both players, but they still managed to bring our warri down to 13k and to 4k once. Darkdin healed all through it.
We ate every scatter+trap we could, it was funny how we stepped back onto our paladin every time he casted it. I cycloned even with bleeds up to mitigate the damage, especially when we couldnt get a trap.
I virtually did no cc on healer, I glued to the hunter, nothing else. Removed hex (focus on Shaman) when it landed on paladin. Kicked heals during deterrence, cycloned hunter after, pooled some energy, continued.

First deterrence popped, then after some time second deterrence got used too. That was when we both swapped to the hunter leaving the warrior in cyclone. And we fucking blew him up. Through heals, through all shit.

We did again in Dalaran arena, this time even faster. They still wanted to kill the warr, guess they thought we got lucky at the first time. We killed the hunter instantly after second deterrence.

On Ruins they went for me. It was a good tactic, I recently changed talents, dropped two points in Natural Reaction (no more 12% dmg reduction in bear), went for more crit (37-40%), so spent majority of the time in bear still on hunter, while my warrior was bashing the other one from behind, hamstringing, to let me feral charge on hunter and to force enemy charges.
Lacerate is you friend in situations like this. Dotting everyone in near vicinity, even pet, ensures some instant Mangles, which is good damage, also refreshes Savage Defense frequently (which scales nicely with mastery and Vengeance). I really had to use defensive cd's cleverly, always leaving one ready (bark, SI, trinket, Frenzied Regen), also kept Demo Roar up.
Sagratt forced a shield wall back there, i instantly went cat-berserk, landed a 5cp stun, shred shred fero bite critgibbed a hunter before the first deterrence:)
and we took another 13 points away.

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