Apr 28, 2011

Unofficial 4.1 feral changes

-Skull Bash pathing is improved (it now actually charges onto cc'd targets, even onto training dummies)
-Prowl cd starts when entering stealth, you can restealth when in stealth 10 sec later. Now this gave me some very sick ideas for HTF4
-Stampeding Roar can be used in stealth
-Active Dash or Stampeding Roar prevents the other one from using it. You have to use /cancelaura modifiers to simple things down
-New pounce glyph gives an extra 3 yards on pounce, which interestingly does not make it 8 yards. It somewhere around 6 yards
-New multishot (1sec cd on it, 40 focus) hits stealthed targets
-Bearcharge/SB over ROF??

**i have to check my notes at home later today for more

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