May 29, 2011


How to handle pressure, and how to turn the fight around?

The following shortvid features a rog opening, which is quite a tough fight starter atm. Almost every rogue play subtetly, the most versatile spec right now.
So most of the abilities and buffs you gonna face are, shadowstep, hemorrhage bleed, garrote bleed, gouge spam, shadowdance, find weakness, also improved energy regen under recuperate effect. Damage comes from ambushes, backstabs and traditional rogue lockdowns.
Lockdown could mean Garrote into Kidney, Cheap Shot into Kidney. Energy pool somehow prevents other combinations, but CS-Kidney-Garrote is possible. But you won't be receiving much damage, it is more of a offtarget cc just like Sap+CS(or kidney redirect)+garrote.
-Rogue pops Shadow Dance at start, which means there will be ambushes. As you can see i have a custom MSBT trigger to warn me of activated Sdance. It is a deadly, 8 seconds (glyphed) of pain, rogues do and should build on this 1 minute cooldown ability. So Barkskin definitely worth it, especially if I am not in Bear Form. -20% from Bskin -25% crit chance on incoming physical attacks (glyph) to soak up some damage. Sometimes in arena I even pop Survival Insticts when i see Smoke Bomb and activated damage trinkets. Rogues always should macro trinkets with sdance to maximize ambush damage.

-Rog finishes ambush spam with literally no energy, which means it is now my turn to get some combo points. I intend to get as many as possible, but keeping myself to rule number 1 when facing rogues: Faerie Fire should be always up.  Furthermore FF should be refreshed around 15s~ because a clever rog will chain cc you until it falls off, then vanish/stealth if he has no CloS available. We cannot backstab/shred due to positioning, so Mangle/Hemo is expected.
-I maim with 4 cp, because i feel it is enough. Just in time to land it on an activated Evasion. Finisher also means 80% chance to get an instant cast, which succeeds.
-Before Cycloning, I pop Tiger's Fury and burst. I go for a short burst window, thus not activating Berserk. Damage dealing also makes LOTP proc a few times, which is rather strong, and way better then hybrid caster healing for ferals. This of course not enough in itself, but big part of total self healing results.
-After Cyclone i hot myself a bit, but swap back to Cat Form 2s~ before cyclone ends. I intend to restealth-reopen, shifting takes 1s~ global, combat drops in 1.6s~. That leaves me a 0.4s~ stealthing window. Hemo dot on me deals damage every 3 seconds, I watch for damage tick on my profile, because MSBT gives feedback about it more slowly than it actually happens. Profile damage numbers are more dependable. So i wait for tick, then restealth.
-I have 2s~ to do as I please. Right now I am just outside of FOK range, i can Pounce(glyphed) or Catstep-Pounce. Ravage also possible, but water makes movement sluggish, gives no time to get around target in time. If I want to play real sneaky I would have popped my engineering absorb shield before restealth, giving me 8 seconds of stealth time(hemo dot is 24s originally). Rog should Clos Vanish here, but new Rog vanish is a weaker version then the old one, meaning you can actually land cc on vanishing rogues now. You may not see them for like 1-2s but they are there in stealth , cc'd. New prowl also make ferals to be able to stealth incoming spells. I have stealthed a couple Faerie Fires, and warrior charges up until now. It is all about mad luck/timing.
-I rip asap. I know I'll get cc'd. Rog optiones are: clos-vanish. gouge, blind (no evasion here even with Preparation). So, Blind happens out of the 3. Neither of us had trinket up, but Blind is the only cc you should EVER trinket against rogues. Even do that very carefully, if you have no stun DR on you, they probably only want to force you trinket then Sdance CS or Vanish CS/ lock you down to death.

Good Luck!


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