May 27, 2011

Feral defensive cd's

Getting trained is evil. You are forced to def, probably will spend some time in bear thus limiting, sometimes essentially stopping any combo point generation for some time, denying you the use of instant casts.
TSG, TreeSG, Warri+mage+healer, Thugcleave(warri+rog) and KFC variants do a lot of damage, hell they based on aggressive starts.

So what are your options when running away, or trying to stay alive to let your healer spam some hp into you?

Do not forget the best defense is well offense sometimes, but also preventing incoming damage in time. Popped wings on ret pally, all cd on warr or on hunter (call of conquest, dominance) is a dangerous sign of big incoming numbers. Quick countercc is the key here, if not else just to force trinkets (bloodlust yea) and to survive and counterpressure later. But onto the defensive part of the game.

If you have Natural Reaction from the feral talent tree you can swap to bear, which means -12% incoming damage. This also enables the usage of Frenzied Regeneration, which is very nice 30% extra hp, also a solid heal if you are activating it under 30% total hp. Now this is tricky cuz 30% means you are under 38k~ which is not much nowadays(i got topped up from 714 hp yesterday lol). As of now this is getting nerfed further in 4.2 reducing the effective heal and extra hp to 15%. Savage Defense is also a nice buff, but beware you have to be active and not cc'd to be able to crit in bear form with you direct attacks. And even with that you only have 50% of activating the ability. Wise move to spam swipe and thrash if you are surrounded by targets (snake trap,double melee), more targets = more chance to crit -> more SD chance.

When i go for a Bash, and facing melees, I often dump some extra rage into Demo Roar, before going back to Cat. Especially against hunters, and ret pallies. 10% minus damage may not seem much, but it is when you are focused, and you are using other defensive abilities on your own. Also it lasts 30 seconds, which is a lot.

Nature's Grasp is another way to shake off melee attackers. The buff has some built-in internal cd, so the 3 charges keep activating in a nice manner, not overlapping each other.
Barkskin has recently became an aura, cannot be dispelled, means 20% reduced damage, and glyphed a reduced 25% crit chance from enemies. Very good on shadowdancing rogues, on recklessness warrs and on killing machine proc'd frost dk's.

Survival Instincts is the most powerful defensive cd available to feral's. 50% reduced damage in Bear or in Cat. Though you have to be in the respective forms to activate, the following 12 seconds function as a Shield Wall. Be clever with it, only use it when your healer calls out, when he is cc'd heavily, or if you can prevent huge incomings (before Deep Freeze + Shatter) to foil enemy plans.

And never forget to be creative. There are several sneaky moves you can do to survive.
Most importantly you can feral charge out of trouble zones, or you can activate stampeding roar and go to caster, hotting yourself while retaining the speed buff in caster form. You can ask for a hand of protection from your paladin (that if you are playing kittycleave heh), go cast Tranquility, or cyclone and restealth (prowl is castable under prot). Night Elves can Shadowmeld + Pounce too.

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