Jun 3, 2011

4.2 trinkets

I have a thing for trinkets, this has been said many times. A good way, with the series of patches almost the only way to maximize damage, while retaining serious, or at least a minimum amount of resilience for pvp.

Stay of Execution
A nice 25k absorb shield. Dot would tick around 1300~ max, every 3 seconds, and could be countered with Engineering Shield.

Matrix Restabilizer
Unheeded warning, mastery edition. Another 8 points of mastery, which means 20-30~ % extra bleed damage. Because it is a proc, and somehow undependable, on use Synapse Springs can be coupled with it.

Eye of Awareness
A healer trinket. Still I am curious if the equip buff works with LOTP ticks. If it does, it's awesome. Even so, if it heals you too. Imagine it with LOTP healing, instants and new, 4.2 ferocious bite glyph.

Apparatus of Khaz'goroth
Another melee trinket. With STR so not that good (1str=1ap on 4.2) for ferals. There are still not much info on the buff, looks interesting.

Scales of Life
Collecting overheals, up to 6200. If LOTP does affect it, a good opening from stealth would max out the trinket quickly. The healing itself is not that good though, but the plus stamina is kinda nice.

Ancient Petrified Seed
A real gem. 1 min on use trinket with serious AGI boost. I think most of melees will equip this for combat.


LR said...

desperately awaiting DBW 2.0!


desperately hating to go into PVE content for gear... ;)

Pajay (Starmist) said...

yeah damit:P i just wanna buy them for honor:P