Jul 1, 2011

Way of the Feral //PART 1//

Different ferals, different styles.

I have encountered many fellow players, using different tactics to overcome their enemies, some were into raw rushdown, some were more conscious about their cd usage.
There is no definite winner tactic, nor you can use only one effectively.

Using many, each at the right time is what powerful.

I fought against Azgaz, and Exerion (http://tv.esl.eu/de/vod/21876) in the last years, and I must say i envy their situational awareness and overall gameplay sense. They also fight or fought a rushdown game, very aggressive start, energy pump into fero bites and cyclone target- energy regen. It is easy to get caught up in the offensive, somewhat ignore enemy cooldowns, or finish with almost no energy.

Some people play a more defensive oriented play, they tank spike damages (as we all should) but forget to swap to cat, and dish out damage during enemy downtimes. Bear Form is awesome to soak up incoming damage (even so with the new Natural Reaction) but damage is slow and unreliable with bear mangles. Seeing ferals bear form tanking against rogues in a duel, is a sad sight indeed. I would rather lose then not to push for my limits.

My strat revolves a lot around restealths. I do spot and take advantage of -combat and dot tick intervals. Couple thousand restealth/reopens with dots, it becames your second nature. My weaknesses tho are the following, I have mediocre situational and enemy positional awareness, I do not pool enough energy for burst periods and even after many years I still forget to apply FF from time to time. I do use cc effectively on the other hand, and can chain up cc's in perfect timing. Playing with a constant 50-75 ms, gives you about 0.2 second window to chain up cc's. For example there is only 0.2 s back from cyclone on target, you can hit bash and it will land just as clone wears off.


Goldmember said...

Heeeey how long do you plan to keep your project at 15% xD!!??

Looking forward to see it! :)

Pajay (Starmist) said...

ty :)

sadly i have serious IRL issues to work out, so im not that active ingame until october.

but it'll happen.