Oct 25, 2011

Random Warlock stuff :)

Hey guys ,its Qwertyzion !
I would like to post a random warlock talkthrough ,since Pajay is buy RL and let's hope he will not be angry on me for this :)
So, I play warlock since bc but started to play seriously only in season 8 as destro. Never really liked sl/sl neither affliction so this post going to be mainly about destruction.
Destruction is nearly about direct damage. The main spells are for this talent : Immolate, Chaos bolt, Conflagrate and Shadowburn if the target is under 25% HP. To pull out the highest damage you keep up the following buffs and debuffs : Curse of Elements, Soul Fire buff which gives you 8% Fire AND Shadow damage bonus and pop Demon Soul (with Imp it will grant you 30% critical chance for cast time Destruction spells) and your DPS trinket. After You you have done all the listed things start casting Immolate. The spell will grant you 6% dmg bonus for your Chaos bolt and Incinerate and will make Conflagrate usable, but the fact is that Conflagrate which instantly deals fire damage equal to 60% of your Immolate's periodic damage on the target, so bigger Immolate ticks is more passive damage which is higher Conflagrate damage. There are 3 things (if I wont forget something ) wich you can improve more your Conflagrate damage, these are : Glyph of Immolate (+10% Immolate damage), stacking intellect and haste(mastery aint worth stacking).Intellect means for your more spell damage its logical that it will provide higher immolate damage and the more haste you have the more ticks you will get. At 9,9% haste you will get 1 and by 30% haste you will get 2 more Immolate ticks which means higher Conflagrate damage. The main problems with Destruction are : CB and Incinerate are hitting(with CoE up) for 10k on dummy ~7k on resil target and Immolate lacks dispel protection. Harcasting cb and Incinerate is really hard in cata where everyone can interrupt and if you are lucky enough to cast a single immolate off it can be dispelled by every healer.
In conclusion , destruction is low on damage nowdays compared to other classes , but for me its still the most enjoyable and entertaining spec in the game ( I forgot to mention the other main talents, I know ,eg: Soul leech, but this post is just a teaser). I will link 2 screenshot about my conflagrate crit : 1. pic : without any buffs 2.pic : with trinket(1605 sp ) and soul fire buff. I have 7536 sp and 9,15% haste.
1. pic


So thats all for today, but for those who love(d) Destruction or just want see a really entertaining movie check out Drakedog 10 : http://warcraftmovies.com/movieview.php?id=202287&stream=69
Good night everyone

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Pajay (Starmist) said...

thanks for your post man: )

i am thining about a lock alt as well, i might turn to you for some advice:)