Jan 20, 2011


Mangle crits for 14k~, shred for 22k~ based on AJ forums. If you can get to your target.

Yes I do play mage now, name is Pajay (again).

Jan 17, 2011

Cooline addon

It's been around for a while, but I just realized how cool (hence the name) it is really.
We are talking about a horizontal bar on which used spell/ability, item cds are moving towards left, reminding the user when they will be usable.


take a look.

Taking a stroll on the forums

And i found this gem: D
Instant cast
Nerf your current target into oblivion, so that it will leave the game forever. Doesn't work on Frost Mages. 1000% effect on Druids, 10000% on Feral Druids."


Already 71, thanks to Freelól and his insane boosting (guild chat is spammed by dungeon achievements, they now simply react to this now by saying "they boosting again": D).

It does feel good to control my mage again.

I feel more and more comfortable, and fluid playing it by the minute. Old habits come back easily, i swap focuses during combat, focus petfreeze, focus DF, focus cold snap DF stunlock, focus FB, coc, nova while bombarding the remaining bunch of mobs with spells.

I armor dance(swap them often), mouseover macro everything.

The shear amount of cc and control that are in mage hands, is overwhelming. I always have something at my disposal.