Jan 26, 2011


Coop starts tonight: )

Bloodthirsty gear calculations

32% crit, 8k spellpower, 6.8% haste, 213 spell pen, 4% spell hit.
Reforge mastery -> crit, Darkmoon card volcano trinket, 45 sec inner cd 12sec uptime 1600 spell power extra, with extra 1.2~k fire damage, intellect synapse on gloves on 1 min cd, power torrent on weapon on 45 ICD.
engi shield on belt, minor run speed on boots, 2600 resilience, frostfire orb for extra procs.

2/8/31 hybrid, less used impact spec (with optional impact cancelaura keybind, not to fuck up stun DR's)

this is the close gearplan. upgrading to vicious after some facerolling.

Jan 25, 2011


two frost mages blinking after a running balance druid (we have a thing for owls, don't ask) deep freezing then start casting double incoming shatter, while manically laughing and yelling "FUCK HIM" on ventrilo is priceless.

It is so easy it hurts my little druid heart.

also, they gave back root braking to balance druids as well.
not to ferals.