Feb 3, 2011

INC 4.0.6

There will be huge changes, but this little gem really caught my eye.

Sanguinary Vein now gives a rogue a 50/100% chance for their own Bleed effects to not break their Gouge.

yuck, more control to subrogues (imagine mage rogue bursts, delayed or reseted by a good gouge on target)

Feb 2, 2011

First set of arena games as mage

Putting aside, that I still feel clunky when playing  mage we did a 5-2 yesterday for starters.

Our two losses was a feral-rshaman and a demolock-frostmage. I was worst mage eu in the demolock match, but we really did well against the feral-rshaman on blade's edge. I fucked up with mana management, and ended up running for my life for the last 3 minutes: ) Even this way i did 75% of the feral's damage, and Thoky many times did pulled me up onto the bridge as priest giving a little breather.

I feel more and more confident with focus impacts, DF's, Counters and Poly's, this really helped us against an early ret-rogue match. (yeah and Thoky is a beast with priest) (wings -> instant spellsteal <3)

Looking forward for more, I will probably play with Nikita (fire mage) and Free as well.
As for 3's, RMP is imminent.

Jan 31, 2011

20 best wotlk movies

from Bebep. one of the best fire mages ever.


Hunters next patch

i've just reviewed the upcoming hunter changes and i must tell you, things gonna get ugly.
underpowered for weeks now, hunter's gonna getbuffed hard along with priests.

better to watch out.

and yes i do rageattack every feral i encounter as a mage. we talking about top priority kills (coupled with balance druids)
i'm an evil person.

also started to collect ideas for HTF4 which may very well contain feral/mage pvp.

Bebep Fire Arenas

just a little fire mage vid recap


mage rogue 2v2. no matter the weapon

I lol'd when I watch this movie by reckful, cuz he using 2 warglaive of azzinoth + a fuckin awesome mage on pretty high rating and they won O.o Yo pajay, time to rock?