Feb 10, 2011

4.0.6 detailed DK, Druid, Hunter, Mage

First of all a very informative post ovet AJ, from very famous, skilled players.

I highly recommend it to take a look.

My list will be a shorter, summarized pvp version of the original posts taken from AJ, MMO and various battle.net forum. Also will include my personal opinion, so bear with me.)

All Crowd Control abilities are reduced to 8 seconds.

Death Knight
Death's Advance and new Icebound Fortitude are the most important changes here. The first gives Unholy a static 100% movement speed when out of UH runes, the second now break stuns when used also making the Dk immune to them for 12 secs. DF will IBF'd so look out. Also Chillblains now root for 3 seconds (hotfixed to use Diminishing Return yesterday) beside slowing targets by the original 50% amount. Big nerfs to Death Coil, several damage buffs for melee abilities. A very good choice for arena atm, along with a hunter or retri paladin imho.

Root, berserk nerf is alive. After some duels against feral I must say it is terrible. Root glyph no longer makes Entangling Roots instant, bakrskin is no longer dispellable. Bear damage is nerfed.
Mangle was critting me 10k~ (2300 resi, feral was blue bloodthirsty geared) shredding me for 12k~. Bleeds are considerably weaker, they won't solo targets, and as you can keep ferals away, the class won't either. Skull Bash lockout is now 4 seconds.
Restos got disentaglement, balance some minor buffs cannot say much about them atm.

I was getting 27k chimera shot, 30k~ aimed shot crits from a backpedaling hunter yesterday, their damage is very very strong now. I understand they were underrepresented and weak for several weaks, but i am bit puzzled how these changes went live anyway. Aimed shot(remember it has a +60% crit chance on targets above 80%), arcane shot dmg buffs. Auto shot is casting even when moving. Deterrence now parries (makes it to miss to be precise) cheap shot and pounce. Master's Call is now on a 35 sec cooldown, using a hand of freedom effect. Posthaste still a magic effect and spellstealable (not it is that useful but just something i spotted).
It is now very hard to survive against hunters, making PHD variants maybe the strongest arena teamsetups from now on.

Changes to Ice Lance are great and long overdue, no more mindless IL spamming. Frostbolt is now base spell again. Armors do not cost mana anymore, it is also great, I love armor swapping. Frost mastery got gutted though, effectively reducing my 10 mastery points to 3.98 yesterday which is a -15%~ damage nerf on frozen targets. Ring of Frost shrunk in radius, also makes targets immune of being refrozen for 3 seconds when dispelled or trinketed out of the first freezing effect.
Shatter burst is greatly reduced, which is a bit sad given we are still talking about a pure dps spec, survivability is a bit worse with all the class dmg buffs around(ice barrier still absorbs 10k~ mana shield 6k~). Time warp is no longer usable in arena. RMP still looks good, mostly because of insane Rogue and Priest buffs. Invis also affects pets. Dalaran Brilliance no longer double buff pets.

Feb 7, 2011


I am sad to see root, zerk nerf go live but that's that. Mangle and Shred dmg buff seems nice at least. Be sure to avoid pvp without a hunter or dispeller heh.

Btw hunter seems like a very good choice along with a paladin or priest (priest got buffed like madly), go new 3's!

Mage stays strong as usual.