Mar 11, 2011


Kittycleave I choose You

Shitty win-loss ratio, getting hang of it.

Forcing trinkets, blowing up targets in smoke bomb with double full energy, zerk style is fun. For us.

Went back to berserk glyph, 15 sec zerk is just not enough.

2v2 is hell. We played 3 matches, lasted 1.5 hours. Resto sham-feral - resto drood-warrior. No chance. Free went over their server to /random 100. Joke. GG Blizz.

Mar 10, 2011

Reckful 3

i smiled on some moves, i already thought about i will include in htf 4 as feral. will probably still do.
good stuff.

Mar 9, 2011

Math - Gear - Feral

So, I've done some calculations, checked out some top feral players gear and stats ( - Sizer's armory is a good base to follow), and have come up with the following gear in RAWR. First i did a full crit build, which is nice, especially now when resilience does not reduces incoming crit chances, but it lacked strong bleeds and only incresed crit with a few percent.
So I tried to find a result which emphasizes on all stats. Here it is:

26-30% crit (sadly rawr calculates crit badly, so its around this amount)
1279 mastery rating (hail to the king, baby)

220 spell penetration (i used old spell pen gems in this example, rawr doesnt handle new spepen gems)
3100-3300~ resi
the build uses a broken mirror images trinket, which is a personal anticaster preference. you can swap to other dps trinket (unheeded warning 'elo)

for the real bold you can use, agile engineering helm with crit and mastery cogwheels which means
1306 mastery and 31.45% crit with a reduced 2700-3000 resilience.
It is more of a bg gear, imho but awesome.

Mar 8, 2011


clever use of game mechanics.

Super secret club

a few days ago some high rated ferals talked abuot the class on skype, made a post about is (funny)

and today some boomkins racted to it with theit own 'super secret club"
first introductional sentence is golden:

"The owl council consists of a select few elite druids trained in the ways of the moon and sun, and we're not here to fuck around."

heh AJ

Mar 7, 2011

How to Feral 4 - taking notes

I started to collect ideas for the next movie. It feels good to be creative once again.
Still not sure when the project will end, but at least i am playing feral now and then.

Would somebody

please nerf instant fears already?
8 sec cc with low cd, that still is not affected by cc time reductions.

Mar 6, 2011

to a fellow feral

"Hello Invasia:)
Warriors are hard, especially nowadays. If you are facing an arms warrior it is a good idea to avoid stuns, and keep up bleeds. Second wind heals a lot, so i usually open up with ravage, bleed, try to bait a charge (even catstep it if possible) then free ravage for additional damage. They will go down, just look out for his enraged regen, and cyclone if needed.
Shadow priest are a problem for me too, if they know what they are doing. I use natures grasp on shadowfiend, it now hits for a load of damage. Kicking his shadow school is nice, but look out for what you always should look out for, only kick when his finishing his cast. Do not fall for fake casts. Also there is a little delay skull bashing, around ~0.1-0.2 so count that in. After trinket he will horror you, be sure bark and even Survival instinct is up and ready. Sadly with zerk nerfed it is almost impossible to beat them. You could try restealth reopen after cyclone if you have engineering magic shield tho. just an idea.
Feral vs ferals: ) i really love those, it must be a pride thing when i encounter a fellow feral;) in my feral career i made thousand of restealths with cyclone-losecombat-pounce with dots up, that always helps me out. most ferals forget to refresh faerie(even me heh so i am a noob afterall).open is very important, in 1 pounce feral can fully dot his eenmy up. so if i get jumped i trinket pounce and faerie immedietaly(prevent cyclone restealths). try to rake rip, get some distance and catstep ravage. it cannot be dodged so it is a good combo point generator.
general advice, be ultra aggressive, watch enemy cooldowns, react accordingly, and use direct damage attacks more. since last patch it hits for a LOT.
well thats it for me now, i hope you will kick ass.
have fun, feral for life:)"

Teed V - Teaser Trailer

Yes, I'm back

Using Synapse springs, agi pvp trinket, tiger's fury (with glyph instead of zerk) when possible (one of them is almost always up).