Apr 8, 2011


Rogue stealth getting buffed, no longer reduced speed, furthermore Nightstalker will increase speed by 10%, while druid Prowl is still slow.
I hope at least our stealth level still remains the same OP shit.

Latest PTR changes

Enrage no longer increases physical damage taken.

Stampeding Roar now lasts for 8 seconds, increases movement speed by 60%, no longer cancels on shapeshift.

Frost Armor now decreases physical damage taken by 15%.

Fingers of Frost can no longer proc from Frost Armor.

Apr 7, 2011

Feral+Moonkin 2v2 Arena

maximum respect.

HTF 4 plans

Thanks to Free who is actually keeping the blog alive atm.
It is summer, and we hardly play nowadays. I focus more on work and outdoors too, the weather is great and I finally can go out and have fun:)

The Project: As for HTF4, the project -just as i promised- started this April. It's gonna be a slow process, but my htf notebook is already full of ideas. Real editing will start when I have enough footages, right now I only have a few.

Content: I am aiming at another 10 minutes of feral action. Mostly arena (that is what i enjoy the most in videos) some battlegrounds, maybe some duels against decent opponents. I'll do my best with the editing again, which is a simple, action oriented editing with minimal effects and adequate feedback notes. I may have post a poll, on which font you want me to use.

The Series: There is hardly anything left, untouched, and new in feral pvp. Level 85 brought little new for ferals, no new shiny abilities, kick is around since level 80, which though assures some fun on its own. I am still tying to work with materials, ideas which gives a vertain DEPTH to the movie. HTF1 was a beginner's guide, while HTF2 and 3 was more of an experienced feral player movie. I am happy that so many people was able to look behind the scenes and saw the amount of planning and micromanaging hidden there. That is exactly what i can promise to do again.

Pace: It will be awesome. Tight, fast feral action. Be sure to follow randomrants and blogvideos about the process.

The Ideas: It is hard not to talk about it much without spoilers. Catsteps, gearswaps, insane dmg, insane bleeds, trinket abuses, clutch moments, adrenaline, some things you may have seen, a lot that you didn't. You will love it.

Release Date: Definitely after summer, ~August-September


"The thing with mastery is that you need exact amount to increase it by 1%."
So it is not a good idea to stack mastery like a madman as there are no partial benefits under 1 point.
also /salute to Kryptik
for kicking my ass yesterday : )