Apr 30, 2011


Shamans are best ingame healers.
Spirit totem is bullshit and way too op. Double "natures swiftness" in 3 minutes.
Warriors , rogues are very very heavy hitting classes.
Affli lock felhunter shadow bites for 7-14k.
whats up with mage dmg??????jesus...

Apr 28, 2011

Gladiator Double Rogue Mage


Unofficial 4.1 feral changes

-Skull Bash pathing is improved (it now actually charges onto cc'd targets, even onto training dummies)
-Prowl cd starts when entering stealth, you can restealth when in stealth 10 sec later. Now this gave me some very sick ideas for HTF4
-Stampeding Roar can be used in stealth
-Active Dash or Stampeding Roar prevents the other one from using it. You have to use /cancelaura modifiers to simple things down
-New pounce glyph gives an extra 3 yards on pounce, which interestingly does not make it 8 yards. It somewhere around 6 yards
-New multishot (1sec cd on it, 40 focus) hits stealthed targets
-Bearcharge/SB over ROF??

**i have to check my notes at home later today for more

Official 4.1 feral changes

-Increased dmg on Thrash, Lacerate and on Swipes
-Enrage no longer increased dmg done to bear
-LB bloom nerfed by 20%
-Savage Def gives a minor shield effect for 10 seconds (6k~ dmg absorb on physical)
-Zerk is no longer on GCD
-S.Roar and Dash breaks roots on affected targets
-Glyph of Rake is now Glyph of Pounce

Apr 27, 2011

still alive

I'll return to the bloodscalp on the next week. I have no job (still) and boring a bit so I decided I give another chance to the game.

4.1 patch

I'll test the changes later today. Root breakers are looking good, even new Enrage and offglobal Berserk too.
I am a bit curious about the new Savage Defense, and the built in snowfallkey functionality.


41% crit 30% bleed from mastery 3k resi now.

also I've left Unknown Idols yesterday and joined up with Serious Business.
No hate, only love, but I am going to do some rateds with the new guys, guild activity is also a welcome change.

Shred bug

I wuould say this is a nice fix not a bug but many would disagree: )))
use it, but be sneaky about mentioning.
all credit to AJ and fluffywrath.
"Posted Yesterday, 11:37 PM
If clearcasting procs well you have Predator's swiftness up

Shred cost no energy and the clearcasting is not consumed when you shred so.. you can spam shred till clearcasting ends but usally it will refresh = i did 60k DPS on ZA boss :D unlimited energy ftw

Arena time :o

EDIT: Predator swiftness is causes this; Not trinket procs
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