May 6, 2011

3v3 Kitty Cleave vs. WLD (World of Warcraft PvP) (Commentary Version)

Zybak in action.

3v3 Feral/Arms/Holy vs Arms/Ret/Disc (World of Warcraft PvP)

another Zybaktv movie, i love these.

3's Kittycleave with holy pally

Sadly we are still struggling for 2.2k. We have good strats against TSG, KFC, RMP and hybrid melee+caster cleaves, double casters are the teams which are fuck us over.

Especially lock mage shaman. I dunno what should we do. I stay mage most of the time, warri on lock to mitigate cc and spilt damage to run shaman oom or overextend, but after a few minutes of struggling they cc us over and they score a kill.

I am thinking maybe we should go heavy on lock every 45 secs when throwdown is up,else we should stay on lock / mage as usual. The problem is they have so many cc's they can easily lock down 2 people at once.

RMP is a double edged blade, but usually we open up priest, i put up bleeds then go for mage all match. cc on rogue (most of the time as soon as sdance pops(msbt trigger <3)), playing pally/feral against mage/rogue, while my warrior kills the priest in a minute. the priest has to overextend, cannot fear due to hamstring, mage cannot cast freely, and i can peel the rogue off me well. has to keep up focus FF on rogue, NG when smoke, keep trinket and survi instincts for oh shit moments. they could go to the warrior to prevent this (2k rmps rarely do this) then we should exchange tasks with warrior.

TSG is a problem if the healer is shaman. FrostDK and warrior can really put out huge pressure. We usually go for DK swap cc's on warrior+paladin. Most of the times my pally calls a HOJ on enemy healer which cc i extend with a cyclone on my own. That is the window for a kill.

LSD 2.0 Lock+balancedruid+restoshaman
I focus kick, cyclone, bash balance druid mostly all match, ride the lock. Retreat when in danger, onto paladin, warrior stays out if he has def. cds or comes back as well for a breather. After topping us up, paladin lets us go out again. Instants are ridiculous in this match, balance druid simply keeps up Insect swarm, moonfire+sunfire spams all the time. NG treants. I kill lockpet when not in imminent danger, preferably behind pillar when going back to my paladin.

May 5, 2011

Swifty Duels vs Feral Druid ft. Zybak

the two POV's.

trinket fear + NG + jump the Throwdown, he must bladestorm there. Bark the storm (glyphed -crit inc), sprint out of it, jump the next charge, cc. your turn.

Asu 6

There is an awesome rogue pvp movie reminds me to the eviscerate X from Akrios. Cool, that's all what I can say. Storyline pvp, solid gameplay, and longer than 10min!(I hate the short "clip" videos).


Shadowstep hotfix

it instantly teleports the rogue behind the moving enemy target. im curious how this works. gotta test it later tonight.

May 4, 2011

Lol eu forum

"Shred makes kitty happy
Standing behind people makes kitty happy.
People standing in ways so taht kitty can't shred makes kitty sad.
Kitty reads tooltip
Kitty must be behind it's target.
Kitty gets angry
Kitty demands a damn fix on shred... "

"druid new form: panda

special and only skill: make sad eyes

panda is sad."                             

May 3, 2011

HTF4 update

The next movie is coming along nicely, silently.
I'll start advertising 2-3 months before release.
Release is planned around september-october.

I think i mostly done with brainstorming, now i definitely have enough ideas to work with.
To do them in action, that is gonna be another story:)

I'll try to persuade LD to do the graphics again.

May 1, 2011

one trick from HTF4 compendium

catstep on grounding, ravage on grounding
ravage buff stays
ravage more on different target