May 17, 2011

Frenzied Regeneration in 4.2

getting the nerfhammer once again.
reduced to 15% extra hp, which effectly means, less heals

on 133k in bear heals are getting reduced from 25935 to 22942 with a full ragebar, counting 100 rage(which is VERY rare occasion in pvp).

tbh frenzied regen is so goddamn bad, i dont even understand wha they touch it again.

May 16, 2011

Ptr 4.2 glyph change

Fero bite will heal for 1% for every 10 energy used.
25+25 energy max=50 energy -> 5%
123k hp pool -> 6150 heal

if its affected by nurturing instincts, then

i wonder if it can be spammed on cyclone immune targets to spam heal for 6 seconds (6-1.5(shiftgcd)/1.5= 3 fero bites)
that would be