Jun 9, 2012

XGD3 + Burner Max settings

As I am focusing more on IRL, less on wow or even on D3 (overhyped I'd say, played through once, not interested in spending more time on it atm), I had gone ahead got an IHAS drive, flashed it and played around the tweaks to get the best copy of games on my verbatim.

First if you plan to make excellent copies of XGD3 games (google it if you don't know, but if you play xbox360 you do), you'll need:

-an IHAS drive to flash
-perfect understanding how to flash and update iso's and burn them
-verbatim dl discs
-abgx and ap2.5 topology data to inject into iso
-drive with optimal settings (this changes but after many trial and error community do have a good insight what should be chosen)
-imgburn with right settings (calculate optimal)

For flashing tutorial go here: http://www.team-xecuter.com/forums/showthread.php?t=73745
This will get you started. It is pretty straightforward, just be sure you select the correct drive, and follow the instructions.

After this you will have a Burner Max drive ready to write even more data on a double layered disc (verbatim, verbatim guys but if you have worse dvd try this here: http://www.xbox360iso.com/updated-tutorial-practical-t486092.html).
A rip of an XGD2 game is 7,838,695,424 Bytes (7.8 GB); A rip of an XGD3 game is 8,738,846,720 Bytes (8.7 GB), so you won't have to "truncate" discs in Imgburn anymore.

You will need to patch your iso's, guide is here: http://www.ixtreme.net/360-backups/4710-abgx-tutorial.html

And burn them with Imgburn , guide here: http://www.ixtreme.net/open-forum/17835-how-burn-xgd3-using-ihas-burnermax-imgburn-verify-using-kprobe-2-a-55.html

MKM-001-00 discs (rated at 2.4X) - Burn at 2.4X. Without OPC turned OFF!

MKM-003-00 discs (rated at 8X) - Burn at 4X with OPC turned on in ImgBurn (Tools - Settings... - Write (tab) - Place check mark next to "Perform OPC Before Write").

Recommended eeprom extra settings for drive:
- Write Speed - 4x
- OPC - off
- Smartburn - on
- Force HT - off
- Online HT - off
- Overspeed - off

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