Aug 29, 2012

5.0.4 and MOP feral Q&A

  • How far Typhoon knockback a target from you, making it harder to stay on top of him?
  • Not that fat, and the daze in itself is great. Seems to be 5-10 yards of knockback.

  • What cone radius Typhoon has?
  • A very wide radius like 120' at 10 yards distance.

  • Can Travel Form Wild Charge prevent falling damage?
  • Yes it can. When falling, activating it stops you for a split second in air, but probably will not leap you forward.

  • Is Stampede - Ravage still exists?
  • No, and yes if you manage to get new pvp 4 set bonus which rather makes you enable to use one ravage every 30 seconds.

  • Can Savage Roar used in stealth?
  • Yes.

  • Is rogue stealth stronger?
  • Not by default, BUT rogues now have an ability called Shadow Walk, level 72 , 60 sec cd ability which gives effectively +1-3 stealth level for 6 seconds

  • Which Symbiosis spell is the best?
  • Right now Shaman Spirit Wolves with minor healing and priest dispersions are the pvp bests.

  • What distance Travel form jump do?
  • 20 yards. Treants will also jump with you which is hilarious.

  • Can we shift out of roots again?
  • Yes , we can.
  • How much are you healing for with instants in Cat Form?
  • 47k-150k. Depends on Healing Weapon equip, or on use spell (NS = +50% healing)


Bakahr said...

uhm must be a armory bug, but i cant find you anymore :(

Pajay (Starmist) said...

AHh its easy I am on Ragnaros-EU now as Starmistqt :)