Aug 23, 2012

The MOP CC class

While lacking in the damage and easy to handle class department, feral has a lot of ways to control the enemies, himself and the environment around, in MOP.

If you have checked my previous post you could see my unique talent choices (which are indeed not final still debating about incarnation>force of nature, but on the other hand everybody will use it and ravage still costs 45 energy , though good damage , way better.. khm sorry got carried there... :) ) which provides a wide variety of abilities and talents to use.

Let's make a short list of them here:
  • Mighty Bash in all forms (caster too yes, even travel form)
  • Force of Nature Bash (target or on focus, trap collector 1min cd)
  • Typhoon (6 sec daze , interrupt on casts, even knockback, hunter's from stealth for example)
  • Maim (old school still good)
  • Pounce (target or focus)
  • Savage Roar (can be cast in stealth, even without Combo Points when glyphed -> pounce and cc other target for example with an instant already procced, and restealth here i come!)
  • Nature's Swiftness (double instant cast, clone, root anyone, or even heal in glyphed cat form +20% healing?)
  • Nature's Grasp (only 1 charge (thank god, was time to nerf this shit, 1 min cd)
  • Soothe (all enrage effect dispel , no cd!)
  • Hibernate (can be cast in forms with PS up)
  • Survival Instincts (it's back for ferals)
  • Speed on feral (roar, dash, innate speed)
  • Wild Charge 
    • Leap of Faith onto friendly target
    • Leap onto targets target
    • Travel jump 20 yards forward
    • Catstep
    • Feral Charge , immobilizng 4 sec
    • Leap onto Force of Nature pets :')))
A bit too many stuns you could say, indeed, but what about it when we stun 3 different targets at once. Good peeling, and it opens up quite a few possibilities.

Imagine, to open up with ravage (+50% crit chane above 80% hp) mighty bash for maximum effect stun, incarn - pounce or maim for half dr stun, or clone - restealth, open up again with ravage but hibernate this time (no bleeds, less damage somewhat on shreds), then dr fades, rinse and repeat.

Next time..

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