Sep 28, 2012

Level 87 impressions

  • Symbiosis can only be cast on group members
  • Energy starvation is a serious problem
    • Energy pool is very limited without old King of the Jungle
    • Energy Regeneration is completely lacking
  • Ferocious Bite at 87 , with 5cp and 35 energy = mangle
  • Savage Roar uptime is a clunky mechanic
    • Priority denies other finishers
  • Fae Silence is bugged (sometimes no silence)
  • Damage is lacking


  • CC in forms
  • Symbiosis spells , especially lock and shaman buffs
  • Built - in mechanics in abilities
    • Rip duration extend from additonal shred/mangle/ravage
    • Ferocious Bite rip refresh under 25%hp
    • Infected Wounds on abilities
  • Instant uptime is good
  • CC is very strong

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