Oct 11, 2012

Feral tidbits @ 90

  • Frost bomb can be melded, and completely negated of any damage, needs perfect timing
  • 4 setbonus pvp enables free ravage every 30 seconds
    • This can lined up before cooldown, or simply at opening to maximize damage
  • Incarnation vanish, does not blocks incoming attacks and spell like shadowmeld does
    • You cannot negate the effect, but you can stealth is, for example a shatter incoming will still hit you but you will stay in stealth with good timing
  • Typhoon abuse is excellent choice around edges.. duh (still!)
  • Warrior shockwave damages around 60 k crit against plate (warrior pff) and does not share DR with his charge
  • Warrior charge can by typhooned to prevent him landing on you 
  • Make your targettarget macros, for example i have macroed healing touch on my enemies target, supporting friends and allies in pvp
  • Healing Touch from instant can be casted while spamming restealth to maximize utility 

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