Aug 29, 2012

5.0.4 and MOP feral Q&A

  • How far Typhoon knockback a target from you, making it harder to stay on top of him?
  • Not that fat, and the daze in itself is great. Seems to be 5-10 yards of knockback.

  • What cone radius Typhoon has?
  • A very wide radius like 120' at 10 yards distance.

  • Can Travel Form Wild Charge prevent falling damage?
  • Yes it can. When falling, activating it stops you for a split second in air, but probably will not leap you forward.

  • Is Stampede - Ravage still exists?
  • No, and yes if you manage to get new pvp 4 set bonus which rather makes you enable to use one ravage every 30 seconds.

  • Can Savage Roar used in stealth?
  • Yes.

  • Is rogue stealth stronger?
  • Not by default, BUT rogues now have an ability called Shadow Walk, level 72 , 60 sec cd ability which gives effectively +1-3 stealth level for 6 seconds

  • Which Symbiosis spell is the best?
  • Right now Shaman Spirit Wolves with minor healing and priest dispersions are the pvp bests.

  • What distance Travel form jump do?
  • 20 yards. Treants will also jump with you which is hilarious.

  • Can we shift out of roots again?
  • Yes , we can.
  • How much are you healing for with instants in Cat Form?
  • 47k-150k. Depends on Healing Weapon equip, or on use spell (NS = +50% healing)

Aug 26, 2012

MOP Beta feral macros #1

Some macros to take into consideration:

Bearform + some modifiers , focus stun and symbiosis

/cast [modifier:shift,@target] Symbiosis
/cast [modifier:alt,@focus] Mighty Bash
/cast [stance:3,modifier:alt,@focus] Pounce
/use [nomodifier,nostance:1]!Bear Form(Shapeshift)

As there is little use of focus Symbiosis now, given the limited focus target use of the spell, the only symb. spell is Summon Wolves from Shaman, and it can be bound to my treant control spells and macros anyway.

A focus CC spell with modifiers

/petattack [mod:shift,@focus,exists]
/cast [mod:shift,@focus,exists] Bash
/cast [mod:alt,@target] Bash
/cast [mod:ctrl,@focus] Entangling Roots
/cast [nomod,@focus] Cyclone

The second bash is Treant Bash on current target.


/cast [@pet,exists] Wild Charge

Another CC with modifiers bound to a mouse button

/cast [mod:shift,@target] Mighty Bash
/cast [mod:alt] Healing Touch
/cast [mod:ctrl,@target] Nature's Swiftness
/cast [nomod,@target] Typhoon

Wild charge macro with mouseover priority

/cast [@mouseover,help,nodead] Wild Charge;[harm,nodead] Wild Charge;[help,nodead][] Wild Charge
/cast [mod:alt,@targettarget] Wild Charge