Oct 12, 2012

Upcoming Changes

 Druid (Forums)
  • Mangle now does 500% normal damage plus 78, up from 400% normal damage plus 62.
  • Rake damage reduced by 15%.
  • Ravage! now does 950% weapon damage, up from 750%.
  • Symbiosis now has a 2 sec cast time, down from 6 sec.


  • Shred now does 500% damage plus 78, up from 400% damage plus 62.

Feral & Guardian
  • Ravage now does 950% damage plus 78, up from 750% damage plus 62.

That Symbiosis cast time.. can't wait to MC and Symbiosis other targets (wanna try this for some time now)

Warriors are getting a minor nerf as of this moment for overpower and mortal strike. Utility remains untouched, BM hunter stampeded-spirit beast heal, burst damage and frequency remains unchanged.

Which is actually very annoying given that many warriors and hunters are already in position on ladder and will camp good rating until the end of season just because playing their unjust, overpowered class.

Sad, really.

Oct 11, 2012

Feral tidbits @ 90

  • Frost bomb can be melded, and completely negated of any damage, needs perfect timing
  • 4 setbonus pvp enables free ravage every 30 seconds
    • This can lined up before cooldown, or simply at opening to maximize damage
  • Incarnation vanish, does not blocks incoming attacks and spell like shadowmeld does
    • You cannot negate the effect, but you can stealth is, for example a shatter incoming will still hit you but you will stay in stealth with good timing
  • Typhoon abuse is excellent choice around edges.. duh (still!)
  • Warrior shockwave damages around 60 k crit against plate (warrior pff) and does not share DR with his charge
  • Warrior charge can by typhooned to prevent him landing on you 
  • Make your targettarget macros, for example i have macroed healing touch on my enemies target, supporting friends and allies in pvp
  • Healing Touch from instant can be casted while spamming restealth to maximize utility 

Oct 8, 2012

Feral Impressions @ 90

I managed to get some normal gear, and I feel more like a feral now. Short version, I like it. It is hard to play, but it is rewarding. You will re-learn your class, and you will struggle. And you will rise, rise and kick ass like never before.

Need more to experience, but I like what I see.

Warriors? BM Hunters? Yea way too op, nerf hammers is coming. Insane INSANE dmg they can do, Stampede spirit beast heal, 1 min burst on BM and warrior utility LIST (LONG LONG LIST) have to go in some form.

The rest of the classes seem to be okay.

Monks? Cannor say much, haven't really see any good monks, which is undesrtandable. They need time, but there is potential . A lot.

Savage Roar glyph. I went with this one in the end, instead of Fae Silence. Fae Silence is bugged and does not reapply silence if FF is already up. Sometimes, at least.

Some dmg scrshots, hard to keep up with Stelike, but not bad not bad at all.