Oct 18, 2012

MOP & Ferals & upcoming changes

Blizz is a bit worried about burst of bm hunter and warriors, so they are applying a minor nerf to them (not to utility).

I guess they will stay strong, but then again, other specs/classes , feral as well (no doubt ) are very good.

We are getting a buff, no doubt , totally unneeded. We are fine, we have our own iwin button (incarn-tf-zerk-agi trinket-synapse spring after) , yeah true only every 3 minutes, but utility and sustained bleeds are closing the gap between the cd's.

I do not mind about using Savage Roar anymore, but the SR glyph is a must have for strong openers.

What I do mind that are some classes and abilities are still under the radar, destro lock's are very quiet and very good, elem shamans also strong burst capable.

Rogues are still weak :/ but we nevertheless played some pala rogue feral for fun, and I ended up symb-ing the rogue for an awesome def ability called, Growl which makes them much more durable.

I'll be back in a few days, Darkdin is joining us on Ragnaros - EU tomorrow. Time to do some arenas finally.