Jan 24, 2013

Burst attempts

Without a doubt, spike damages are the most reliable kill sources. Bleeds are all nice but wouldn't any one want to rip through an enemy like warm knife through butter?

To achieve this, you'll have to take your most basic and important abilities into account. We are talking about

Let's say you have bleeds up on the target, you have SR active. TF is coming off cooldown, just like stampede, free ravage.

You restealth, ravage from stealth when stampede is becoming active in ~2 seconds. 

Ravage(normal)-TF-Ferocious Bite with 5 cp with bleed up-Ravage(Stampede)-Shadowmeld-Ravage(simple)

Ah yes and it is VERY hard to pull off :D I struggle with it, keep my eyes open for possibilities, and if I cannot do this, rather stick the simple method:

Bleeds up- cp up to 5- TF- Ferocious Bite- Ravage(Stampede)

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