Jan 18, 2013

Patch 5.2 - no more 2.2k barrier

So, Blizzard will remove the magical 2.2k barrier in 5.3, essentially making elite gear available for all players. I say all players because even if you join the season later you will receive a very significant boost to the conquest points every week afterwards /given you play the cap needed/.

About the 2.2k I have my mixed feelings. Not feeling elitist as so many say on the forums, rather a bit sad that one of the most competetive emblems of wow pvp is out of the picture. Yes, that is the word, competition, that what it was all about. And  the tears, the rages, the struggles when playing stronger, better comps for a damn gear upgrade. When it felt so damn good when we got it.

One bunch of the people says, at least not gear will win, only skill, another bunch says overgeared teams will fall.

I say this change only would be good, if there were balance in wow. Which is untrue, and never will be true.

Also, we are back again to a subject already discussed, dumbing down the game. I am happy that this change will make lower tier players able to gear up during a season, but I will miss the competition. Of course glad still a title worthy to get and good teams will still be in good position.

After many year, cherished, mysterious, damned 2.2k we say goodbye to you.


Bakahr said...

or they should reimplement the old model from woltk with 1650 gives shoulder and so on, and then you can achive T2 wep / gear in 2v2 again, since it will proberly give more ppl access to the gear, 3v3, 5v5 should still provide, the titles only but i dont know, it was just a thought tho.:)

Pajay (Starmist) said...

Heh I can barely remember those, good old days. Guess it would be to nice to became true once again.:)