Feb 22, 2013

Dream of Cenarius versus Nature's Vigil

As NV is getting changed (i withstood the urge to say nerf,   or not.. :D) in 5.2, meaning, you can use a +10% damage increase instead of +20% but now every 1.5 minutes rather then 3 minutes.

I played (and playing) around with DoC for the last couple of days, which is a first for me, somehow I did not pay attention to it until now.

For 2s it is definitely a strong choice, for 3s you better off with NV (for 5.1 at least), where instant damage is needed.

Wowinsider has a nice article on mechanics, http://wow.joystiq.com/2012/08/19/shifting-perspectives-exploring-the-dream-of-cenarius-playstyle/ .

The healing Touch cast from Predatory Swiftness created a 1.5 sec global though, while feral abilities a 1.0 seconds cd.

PS is up for 8 seconds, making 6 seconds effectively to be used to generate 5 combo points to strengthen rip finisher.

6 seconds ~ 6 abilites , effectively more like 4 abilities. With 30% crit chance it is a pretty safe bet you can pull it off if you won't get cc'd, and if you have the energy.

Let's say you have 0 energy when PS - HS procs with Savage Roar finisher , 6 seconds make 60 energy with 0% haste.

The cheapest ability costs 35 energy /Rake or Mangle/, which would mean one yellow hit in 6 seconds.
With Tiger's Fury we have another 60 energy to use but it would need to be timed to be up when we Healing Touch and use finishers. Which with the 6 second uptime is can be done.

0.0s Rake 0 energy
1.5s Tiger's Fury 15 energy + 60 energy = 75 energy
1.5s Shred 35 Energy
2.5s Shred 45-40=5 energy
4.0s 20 energy - Healing Touch cast
5.5s Rip 5 energy  --------  TF is up until 7.5

My only concern that in pvp environment it is hard to pull off a "pve" rotation, but the extra sustained damage is undeniable. Also when bursting -in ideal situation- you have two ravages to buff them with +25% and then you will have to use finisher, and pray that it will procs another HS.

Also it very much so limits your ability to cast cyclones, you have to prioritize.

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