Aug 13, 2013

Feral = OP?

Had some time to watch my friend's stream (2v2 - 2150~, mage-priest) and see other feral playing the infamous treant spec.

I was like , hey this is still op.. but hmm maybe some other aspects of the class too. Looking at the spells, the following changes would be good imho:

  • Remove Treant Bash
  • Remove instant cyclone , no cd, can be cast in Cat Form
    • Or keep instant cyclone, keep 20 sec cd, can only work with Predatory Swiftness (Not with Nature's Swiftness
  • Keep Nature's Swiftness, but shouldn't be able to use clone with it
  • Nerf kick glyph (as planned)
  • Nature's Vigil on a 1 min cd (could be attached to trinket burst) 1.5 min just feels "off"

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