Sep 27, 2013

Dream of Cenarius 5.4

How to make use of DoC buff for finishers?

The basic idea is, you pray to RNG gods.
Ooops, sorry i wanted to say :D :
You accumulate 60-70 energy, go for a 4+ combo point Savage Roar.
If Predatory Swiftness procs, good, onto the next step.
Spam Mangle, or Shred if you are really brave, to get at least 4 combo points while PS is up.
You will have to do this in 2-3 globals, crits are really helping here.
Cast Healing Touch on yourself or on teammate, get DoC buff.
You will be out of energy now , around 20-30 energy.
Tiger's Fury Rake - Rip.
Healing Touch cast again.

Rinse and repeat, you have buffed bleeds on target.
And no I do not know why I still favor DoC instead of HOTW in arena, maybe I just love the challenge:)

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