Oct 11, 2013

Holy Priest / Feral , 5.4

Really simple.

Situation: Healer + DD
Strategy: Feral on healer. Holy priest trolls on dd with cyclone, mc, chastise fear, rotating all shit. Something must be kicked, and it doesn't even matter if it's faked or not,  hpriest will have something else available. Clone casts somewhat cost more mana though (on second thought who cares:D)

Go for Bash, Incarnation, Nature's Vigil for maximum pressure, use TF under stun (shred-shred), try to stay in LOS of your healer if possible for dispel support on you and on target.

Go for HOTW for double dps. Climb ladder.

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Molov said...

Hey starmist how do i feral? i think i need an update video wise :>