May 24, 2013

5.3 summary quick notes

Reduced damage due to innate 65% resilience.
Procced agi trinket (reduced ilevel in bg arena to i496) bleeds tick for 20-30k, people generally feel harder to kill, which is not a bad thing.
I occasionally got a 184k starsurge in new bg from a balance druid (i'll be damned if i know how did he pulled it off).
Frost dk hits reduced from 110 oblis to 78-80k oblis~ (if only ma alt dk would hit that hard;))

May 23, 2013

5.3 gemming

With pvp power and resilience cut into half, the question emerges "are we better off with agi gems now?"

After a couple of quick tests today, I would say definitely so, as on training dummy my damage was increased from 102k ticks to 129~ ticks. But (using 522 agi proc trinket) I can tell you solid stats tonight when I get into bg/arena (where gear is downgraded, agi proc trinket power cut into half).

Still the +40% savage roar is nice (tooltip might be bugged for you as well)

This is from (great little site):
If socket bonus is not at least + 60 AGILITY

Go for AGI gems. That means:
-Delicate Primordial Ruby / Perfect Delicate Pandarian Garnet for RED sockets
-Adept Vermilion Onyx / Perfect Adept Tiger Opal for YELLOW
-Glinting Imperial Amethyst / Perfect Glinting Roguestone for BLUE